Counselling Training - STREPCO-approach to practical therapy Training Course

Councelling Training

Helios Counselling Services:

Helios Counselling Services offers a broad base counselling service to all people in all walks of life. We provide personal counselling and assistance in a wide scope of scenarios. Our counselling service assist in equipping people with the skills to enable them to live their purpose. We create a relationship network for counsellors through which they can interact and be supported.

Helios Training Centre:


The STREPCO-approach to practical therapy Training Course

Helios presents an advanced Counselling Training course in the form of a workshop (Attendance a must, presented in Gauteng) aimed at graduates in Human Sciences who are looking to develop their counselling skills. This counselling course taps from -among others- psychology theory and teach you how to apply the knowledge you already have when sitting opposite a client. The focus is thus not on theory but on practical application thereof. If you lack the background knowledge needed for the course or you want to prepare, you can order the book: “The Strepco-approach to therapy” written by Lorette Dye from

Registrations: CCSA/ASCHP



Become a STEER facilitator that helps/support/work remedial orientated with children that battle in school. more...


ART Healing Academy

This course teaches you how to use Art as the medium to work therapeutically and enable you to work as an Art Counsellor. The course consist of short courses/modules recommended to do over one to four years (depending on how far you want to go). It integrates Art Therapy, Psychology and Counselling principles. more...

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