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Dear Reader,


We are excited to welcome you to a wonderful and easy business opportunity. In South Africa many changes have occurred that influence us greatly.

         Firstly you can’t rely on getting a job but has to be willing to venture out and start your own thing. Unfortunately most of us have no business experience and find it a very frightening thing to do not to mention all the school fees we could pay in the process.

         Secondly there are no more remedial classes or support in the school system for children that battles in school. This created an opening to step in and fill.

 STEER supplies a solution to both of these problems.

STEER includes training for the trainer and support on how to start and run your own business.

The STEER programme enables you to offer the following services:

         Identifying possible learning problems.

         Remedial support for children that battle in school.

         Teaching study methods.

         Ongoing support for children to prepare for tests and exams.

         Working with primary and secondary school children.


The Training

Training for the franchise is a one year correspondence course with a 3-day workshop (Not compulsory but preferable). Ongoing training is also provided thereafter.

The goals are to:
• Guide you over a period of time to start your own business.
• To do practical work and get practical experience before you have to do the real thing.
• Help you to address the possible problems you might encounter beforehand.

Some of the subjects that are covered are:
• Teaching and child development.
• Learning problems and study techniques.
• Business principles and marketing (Steer-specific marketing)


Here is the basic info and answers to the 12 most frequently asked questions we get.

1. What does the work entail?
Most of your time will be spent in the classroom/training centrum with individuals or groups, training pupils the STEER-study method/addressing aspects that can enhance performance in school or helping children to prepare for exams. At the beginning and in the middle of the year you will have to allocate extra time for marketing for which we give you a step-by-step proven recipe.

2. Since when does STEER exist?
STEER is a subsidiary of Helios. Helios was founded in 2003 by Lorette Dye. Helios mainly focusses on the training of psychology students by offering a practical course. Being involved with psychology and working in counselling with children, Lorette became aware of the need to understand and help children that battle to learn in school and STEER was born.

3. What is the study techniques that STEER use based on?
The techniques that we teach the children are based on the research of Dr. Mel Levine. His basic theory is that the brain functions that children need to be successful in school can be divided in eight clusters and not all children are strong in all of these areas. With our program we work on six of these clusters and teach children a method to develop it. We also enable children to translate a left brain function (as schoolwork mainly requires) to a right brain function.

4. Will I be able to train pupils in different languages?
We enable you to train children in Afrikaans or in English. If you want to work with children from another language group, you will be allowed to translate the material as long as you inform us of your intention.

5. How much time will I have to invest?
The time that you will have to set aside for training is from eight hours a week to four hours a day depending on the choices you make and the income you want to generate (That is if you want an income of R200 000 – R400 000 per year.) It is however possible to double this if you want to double your effort! Twice a year you will have to work on marketing (we give you a tried and tested and easy method to do your marketing), and it will also be possible to use assistants to help you. See next question.

6. Can I train people to help me?
Yes, for the marketing and for the teaching of the course but you will still have to be available to help them as problems arise and you need to understand that an assistant can never take over your work. It will still be worth your while even after you paid them for their work. However, they have to sign a contract of confidentiality and of the acknowledgement of copyright. (We will supply that).

7. What is the starting capital?
The starting capital is R28 000 + approximately R2000 (prescribed books). This includes your training, the franchise rights for specific areas, ongoing training and an after-support service. This can be paid over 12 months as R 2350 per month. Marketing material must also be budgeted for but that comes later, this includes a board in front of your office, boards at schools and/or adverts through the school and business cards.

8. Will I have to pay a monthly percentage of my income to you?
Once you start working after the year of training you sign for a period of two years to operate as a Steer study centrum. There is a monthly fee of R500. This goes towards ongoing training and support. This contract is renewable every two years.

9. Which area can I work in?
The franchise that you buy is for a specific area and it is guaranteed that there would not be allowed more franchises than 1 per 8 schools in an area.

10. Do I need any qualifications?
No, but any experience in training, teaching or marketing will be an advantage.

11. What is my expected income?
From experience we know that an average of 30 children per school per year will enrol. We give the STEER study methods-training over 10 weeks at two hours per week. We take a maximum of 15-20 children per class, in other words we have two classes per week per school. If you work at two schools the first half of the year and another two schools the second half of the year, you have a total of 120 pupils that you train at R3000 (that is R300 per class thus R150 per hour) income per child, that gives you a total of R 360 000 per year. You can even do training three times per year at six schools as every training program is only for ten weeks. Work out for yourself your potential income if you work at 8 different schools (With the help of assistants of course). For example:



1st block


2nd block


3rd block


School 1

15 x 2

School 3

15 x 2

School 5

15 x 2


School 2

15 x 2

School 4

15 x 2

School 6

15 x 2



R180 000


R180 000


R180 000


R540 000

When we give support in preparations for tests or exams or work remedial we keep the groups smaller, not larger than approximately 8, we only work an hour and charge R150 per class, thus R600 per month. You can also combine study methods with study support and only work one hour per week with every child in a group ongoing through the whole year. If you work this way you can expect parents to pay during holidays as well excluding Dec..

12. How do I sign up?
Fill in the registration form online at or, pay your deposit (find bank details on the application form) and e-mail or fax it to us.

Please contact us via telephone or e-mail if you have any questions.

Kind regards
Lorette Dye

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