Just last week I posted on my Facebook Page that Lorette is the most amazing teacher and mentor. I'm so happy that you asked for feedback!

I completed STEER and STREPCO online courses.

I found both these courses easy to learn and understand. I enjoyed that I could work at my own pace and found the material well-presented and easy to understand.
I found it easy to apply what I learned to real life situations because of the practical exercises I completed doing these courses.

I however especially appreciate the ongoing support that Lorette provides me even after I completed the courses. It's the support that Lorette provides that helps me build my confidence and that allows me to give my clients the best service and care possible.

Lorette is the most amazing teacher and best mentor I've ever had.

I definitely recommend doing the STEER and STREPCO courses.



I did the STREPCO course with Helios. The course itself was very insightful and interesting too. Lorette (the facilitator) was helpful and friendly. After I did the course I registered as a counsellor with CCSA and I now have a private practice, I’ve seen multiple clients.

I studied psychology for three years and thought I had to complete masters and honours to practice psychology. Unfortunately, I did not get into honours. I thought all my plans was out the window. When I found the STREPCO course it turns out I didn’t have to study 7 years before practicing the time got cut in almost half! It was the best decision I made. The Helios team still provides me with support 2 years later. I intend on doing more of their courses.



I completed the STREPCO Counselling course around 2017 (I will need to check my certificate). This is the first opportunity that I had pursued outside the formal university structure. It has opened many avenues, created amazing network opportunities, questioned my passion for counselling as well as ignited and given me confidence to pursue what I truly enjoy. It was my first step to gaining courage outside the academic portfolio that I was accustomed too.

If followed and given the opportunity to add on bits and pieces of your own input with this course, you can confidently run your own counselling practice with assistance given from the Helios team.

This is an avenue to be ventured into if you feel the need to counsel differently and efficiently!



It was an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and learning. The 2 weeks were very intense and draining but very stimulating. The course covers basically everything you need to know to start counselling. I would definitely recommend the STREPCO course to anyone who is interested in psychological based counselling.

The arts counselling course is very condensed, with a vast amount of information and knowledge. It pushes one to do research and learn about an array of techniques as well as theories and methodologies. The course also enables you to take a lot of own initiative and the healing through the process of learning is phenomenal.



Thank you so much for the opportunity to give feedback!

I honestly feel that I have learnt more this past year than I did throughout my degree years at Unisa.

Looking forward to submitting Module 8.



Thank you for your prompt reply as always. Thank you for everything. I have enjoyed doing the short trauma course through Helios. I found it to be informative, insightful and an asset to the helping profession. I will happily recommend the course as well as the academy to my friends and colleagues.


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