Counselling Training - STREPCO-approach to practical therapy Training Course

Councelling Training

Helios Counselling Services:

Helios Counselling Services offers a broad base counselling service to all people in all walks of life. We provide personal counselling and assistance in a wide scope of scenarios. Our counselling service assist in equipping people with the skills to enable them to live their purpose. We create a relationship network for counsellors through which they can interact and be supported.

Helios Training Centre:


The STREPCO-approach to practical therapy Training Course

Helios presents an advanced Counselling Training course in the form of an 80-hour workshop aimed at graduates in Human Sciences who are looking to develop their counselling skills. This practical counselling course is called the "STREPCO-approach to practical therapy Training Course" and is now a certificate short learning course at a university in South Africa. The course consists of workshops totalling 80 hours and is presented as a Full time course or part time course.

Registrations: Council for Counsellors

Helios can also assist counsellors who would like to register with the Council for Counsellors, and the Health Professional council with the registration process.


STEER Study Method

Helios has developed a studying program which teaches pupils effective studying techniques. You now have the opportunity to own a STEER franchise. more...


ART Therapy Academy

The ART Therapy Academy is a subsidiary of the Helios Training Centre. It aims to .... more...

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